We carry different brands of car repairs - engine, brake repair, running gear repair, Peugeot and Citroen rear bridge restoration. Electro repair. Toe adjustment, tire mounting and balancing.
Will make a detailed examination of the car, we find these problems and avert damage.

When the seasonal maintenance intervals and provide lubrication system, the fuel system, the DPF (particulate filter) and a catalyst for rinsing, cleaning and protection against wear and tear. Timely made car maintenance is a key prerequisite for the car to serve faithfully.

With specialized diagnostic equipment we will make the auto diagnosis.
Commercial transport

We carry out repair work on commercial vehicles, serving the highest and longest vehicles.
Car Preparation

SIA "Auto Profs 1" will prepare your car for inspection and, if necessary, walk out in it for you, saving your precious time.

Air conditioner refilling, Car wash.
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